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Waterbars Swellable de alto desempenho (fabricados na China)

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Modelo:  various

Descrição do produto

N ° de Modelo: various Tile Tile Shape: Roll Espessura: 3.0mm Tratamento de Superfície: Roll Coated Certificação: ISO Uso: Concrete Joint Certificado: ISO9000 Szie: Padrão ou Personalizado Transporte: em paletes ou caixas de madeira Origem: Hebei, China Tipo: Edifício Material de vedação Material: HDPE Tipo de telha de teto: Borracha Função: Impermeável Cor: Preto, Vermelho Mercados de exportação: Global Taxa de expansão: Mais de 350% Marca comercial: JianFeng Especificação: Como pedidos de desenho Código do HS: 522338 Informações de contato \ nGerente de vendas: kent \ nMobile Telefone: + 86-15233296877 \ nTel: 86-318-5106277 \ nFax: 86-0318-5106277 \ nWebsite: \ nEmpresa: Hengshui Jianfeng Engenharia Rubber co., LTD. \ n \ n \ n High Performance Swellable Waterbars (made in China)
Expansion under the influence of water with the water of water stop expansion properties of water putty and meet water swelling rubber strip.  Encounter water swelling rubber is a new special kind of rubber products. It is a combination of general rubber products performance, and can meet the expansion of the water on its own performance, is a new type of waterproof material, water stop, waterproof effect is more reliable than ordinary rubber.
Putty type of expansive water stop under the influence of water is a recently developed new products, it has met the special performance for the expansion of the water. Elasticity of the material in water sealing waterproof effect, when both sides joint lateral distance to elastic recovery rate of elastic waterproof material, due to the nature of the material has the water expansion. Starting and ending water in material expansion scope can still function.
High Performance Swellable Waterbars (made in China)
Application method
1,cast-in-site concrete construction joint, will have the construction of concrete base, chisel, the strip of water stop paper take out, in the central along the longitudinal width of construction joint, and to give pressure together, every 50 cm interface built with adhesive glue overlap and compaction, up and down with masonry nail nails.
2, concrete cracks, the crack width of each 4 cm slot, will be embedded within the seam of water stop, compaction in polymer cement paint twice.
High Performance Swellable Waterbars (made in China)
1,Paste the interface should be kept dry. Applied to the water stop gap inside may not appear.
2, And construction joint interface of water stop paste to close, stretch along the construction joint direction shall not be broken, can't be scum dust cover, etc.
3, To fully be concrete water stop parcel, parcel thickness > 5 cm.
4, After fixation of water stop before pouring the concrete, should avoid to be soaked in water for rain or construction.
5, Storage and transport of water stop, avoid damp and extrusion, should not be stacked more than 
\ n High Performance Swellable Waterbars (made in China) \ nPropriedades
Physical properties Test method Result
Color - Black
Specific gravity ASTM D-71 1.35 ± 5%
Hydrocarbon content ASTM D-4 47% (min)
Volatile matter ASTM D-6 1% (max)
Penetration, cone at 77°F, 150 gm, 5 sec. ASTM D-217 40 mm ± 5%
Application temperature - -10°F to 125°F
Service temperature - -30°F to 180°F

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